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When’s a good time to call you?

When’s a good time to call you?

Rite now! I’m on kik, answering calls n letting strangers control the vibrator in my cunt heheh

Username on everything is worthlessmindless.
Phone number is 6783698304

U can download the lovense remote app for free n add me as a friend if u wanna control my vibrator I’m dripping all over my legs from Sirs already hehe n if u call me I’ll try not to mosn too loud hehe

New Phone. New Rules

Mentor here. This has been the most asked question, and I apologize for the wait. We have a new phone, a safe and secure phone, and one last phone number change. 


1. Be mean. Humiliate her, degrade her, call her awful names. Ask her to do humiliating things. 

2. Understand that she is still my cunt, and sometimes she is not always available. If you can’t get through, by all means try again. Please do not call 100 times in a row. Sometimes she is doing a task or chore for me.

3. Blocked numbers are fine. She does not need to know who is calling her. She gets off on the mystery of serving a random voice.

4. Please share this number. Write it in bathrooms. Send it to friends and family. Scratch it onto trees and picnic tables for all I care. Again, she gets off on the mystery. Let this phone number spread.

5. You can leave degrading voicemails. She will listen to them. You can also leave degrading text messages – those she will not answer. All text based communication will be continuing in kik. If you want to send her texts to remind her of her low place in life while she’s out getting my dry cleaning, I won’t stop you.

Please do not abuse this feature again. The cunt loves to humiliate herself for you all, and it seems to be a feature you all ask for. Please remember and respect that I am training her to be the best fuck toy she can be, and I do not appreciate her being encouraged to break my rules, nor do I appreciate her being bombarded by rude messages when she gets too busy or too many phone calls to answer yours. This isn’t a hotline, it’s one stupid bitch with a cell phone. Have fun.

Phone number: (678) 276-7328

Girls just wanna hav… their udders out …

Girls just wanna hav… their udders out 😏🤗🐮

Tell me more about the time a ton of guys jerk…

Tell me more about the time a ton of guys jerked off on you.

I go to a sex club to work glory holes n that same club hosts diff events n one nite they tied me up n blindfolded me n hundreds of guy come up n slap n grope my udders n slap my face n hair with their cocks n jerk off n cum all over me n then at the end I’m covered in all this cum 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

You should walk with a collar that says "…

You should walk with a collar that says "Fuck Me Now"

hehe id love one!!


Im back on Kik!!!

Merry Christmas! I’m back to be abused on kik!!

Kik: worthlessmindless



I like finding new places to stick my suction dildo, so I’ll be doing that in between calls tonight 🤗

Don’t be shy, a fuck pig always needs to be degraded! (678) 288-5643

Love hearing ways you’ve learned you&rsq…

Love hearing ways you’ve learned you’re nothing. Give us another example of a time you realized your place.

I haven’t been wished a happy birthday in over 5 years.

It’s even in my FAQ. No one cares, not my followers, not people I know in real life. And it makes my cunt wet knowing no one should care because I’m just a cock receptacle anyway 🤗

Tell me pig, what are some ways when you reali…

Tell me pig, what are some ways when you realize your own depravity?

Hehe I had to ask Mentor wut depravity was 😂

Sumtimes I get rele rele wet “for no reason”. Hehe I mean like for things that aren’t even that sexual – like, for a long time I was only allowed to cum if I was humping inanimate objects and a couple weeks ago I saw a chair in the store with really good arms on it and I got wet thinking about rubbing my pussy on it. Or when I see a cute dog collar, or when I kneel down at work to get inside a low file cabinet. Or sumtimes I get wet when I see other cunts treated less than men in movies or tv shows or wearing slutty clothes and that makes me wet and that’s when I realize how far I’ve come in less obvious ways than when I have cock in my holes n cum in my hair 🤗🤗🐽🐽

Beg us to call you. Tell us what kind of anima…

Beg us to call you. Tell us what kind of animal you really are.

Please call n degrade me Sirs. I’m a worthless, disgusting fuck pig that only deserves to b degraded n humiliated for u all on the phone. Pls let me serve an actual purpose by helping u all cum n allowing this pathetic, stupid bimbo cunt to degrade itself in any way u ask

My number is (678) 288-5643 please call me n let me humiliate myself for u all


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