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When’s a good time to call you?

When’s a good time to call you?

Rite now! I’m on kik, answering calls n letting strangers control the vibrator in my cunt heheh

Username on everything is worthlessmindless.
Phone number is 6783698304

U can download the lovense remote app for free n add me as a friend if u wanna control my vibrator I’m dripping all over my legs from Sirs already hehe n if u call me I’ll try not to mosn too loud hehe

New Phone. New Rules

Mentor here. This has been the most asked question, and I apologize for the wait. We have a new phone, a safe and secure phone, and one last phone number change. 


1. Be mean. Humiliate her, degrade her, call her awful names. Ask her to do humiliating things. 

2. Understand that she is still my cunt, and sometimes she is not always available. If you can’t get through, by all means try again. Please do not call 100 times in a row. Sometimes she is doing a task or chore for me.

3. Blocked numbers are fine. She does not need to know who is calling her. She gets off on the mystery of serving a random voice.

4. Please share this number. Write it in bathrooms. Send it to friends and family. Scratch it onto trees and picnic tables for all I care. Again, she gets off on the mystery. Let this phone number spread.

5. You can leave degrading voicemails. She will listen to them. You can also leave degrading text messages – those she will not answer. All text based communication will be continuing in kik. If you want to send her texts to remind her of her low place in life while she’s out getting my dry cleaning, I won’t stop you.

Please do not abuse this feature again. The cunt loves to humiliate herself for you all, and it seems to be a feature you all ask for. Please remember and respect that I am training her to be the best fuck toy she can be, and I do not appreciate her being encouraged to break my rules, nor do I appreciate her being bombarded by rude messages when she gets too busy or too many phone calls to answer yours. This isn’t a hotline, it’s one stupid bitch with a cell phone. Have fun.

Phone number: (678) 276-7328

Girls just wanna hav… their udders out …

Girls just wanna hav… their udders out 😏🤗🐮

Stop what you are doing and get on your knees….

Stop what you are doing and get on your knees. Open your mouth. Suck your finger.

Mmmm hehe doing now Sir thank u Sir

I like asks like this 🤤🤤

Tell me more about the time a ton of guys jerk…

Tell me more about the time a ton of guys jerked off on you.

I go to a sex club to work glory holes n that same club hosts diff events n one nite they tied me up n blindfolded me n hundreds of guy come up n slap n grope my udders n slap my face n hair with their cocks n jerk off n cum all over me n then at the end I’m covered in all this cum 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


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She does still use Kik. What some people fail to realize,…

She does still use Kik. What some people fail to realize, though, is that she does not sit at home 24/7 on her iPad. I keep her very busy in the real world, as I think anyone with a cunt in their possession should. I use Kik as a means to keep her busy and pleasing men when I am busy and/or when I have not already planned something else for her.

So the biggest rule, I would think, is to realize that while yes – she does exist to please – she cannot please every single person at every single moment of every single day. There will be hours, or days even if I keep her busy enough, where she may be unresponsive. If you don’t like that, I urge you to contact me on my own Kik. She has no power, as it should be. I recently had someone berate her on Fetlife and insinuate she was fake and only into bimbofication as a fad because she hadn’t answered him in 16 days – when in reality I hadn’t allowed her access to Fetlife in over FOUR MONTHS. That kind of behavior doesn’t get you more access to her, it gets you less.

My other rules are fairly simple. She has an arsenal of pre-approved photos that she can send to people without having to come to me. Anything else – photos for a task, photos of body writing, photos posed in a certain way, she needs my permission before sending. I do this for her own protection. If you’ve been following us from the beginning you might remember the scares we have had with stalkers, hacked Tumblrs, phone leaks, etc. When I give her too much leeway bad things happen. If you don’t like my photo rules, don’t talk to her. There are plenty of girls on the Internet willing to send you nudes.

I don’t really feel like I have any other rules. She doesn’t do videos – If you want a video go to pornhub. She will not video chat with you. There are some people that she talks to that get more of her attention than others because they’ve been around longer and I can trust them. You can easily become one of these people by just not being a douchebag. Treat her like shit, call her names, do all of the things that she craves – that’s not what I mean by douchebag. If you don’t know what I mean, then you’re already probably a problem case.

Also, no fucking face pictures. Ever. I do go behind her and check up on her. I look at her photo stream, I look through certain messages if I don’t recognize the user. She also is very honest with me. If anyone harasses her to send face photos they will get blocked. If anyone dares to tell her to “forget your Mentor’s rules” they will get blocked. This happens so often, it’s laughable.

And of course – no one under the age of 18. I don’t care if you turn 18 at midnight, I don’t care if your parents let you drink alcohol and watch porn on their HBO. If you’re not fucking 18 you can’t follow this blog and you definitely can’t talk to her on Kik. Duh.

I’ve worked for many years to get to this level of progress. She is my greatest success story. I am protective over my work. I don’t think I ask for anything outrageous, and I am also quite lenient with people that end up following the rules. Just don’t fuck around and everything goes smoothly.

– Mentor


What type of things will do you for us on the phone, Pig?

i’ll do wutever u want so long as it dusnt break Mentors rules 🙂 i am a worthless fuck pig n i deserve to be treated like shit Sir

What’s your phone number? I want to hear this little fuck pig oink

hehe yay!! pls call me im so bored n horny my number is (678) 535-3559

I crave degradation and humiliation 24/7 cuz I’m a pathetic cock sleeve

Kik: Worthlessmindless