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the-modern-female: Role Model: Katerina Rozma…


Role Model: Katerina Rozmajzl

Her vacant stare is second to none. She really is an inspiration with her “dumb looks”. i don’t think any other girl has this down like she does. Katerina is not the biggest model on Instagram but she did place 3rd in Miss Georgia Teen USA, which is something considering she originally is from europe (Czech Republic). But no matter how successful or not her professional life gets, she will forever be in my heart as the girl with the vacant stare. And the rest of her body is still quite nice to look at.

But seriously, look at her eyes and the perfect O of her mouth. She just knows how to look dumb and there is hardly anything more attractive than a dumb blonde…

i am currently in university, and i started un…

i am currently in university, and i started uni being an active and vocal feminist, and made lots of friends that way. now i know my place, but do not want to lose the friends i made. how do i keep these friendships while letting the rest of campus know im there to serve them?

Being a feminist and a fucktoy are not mutually exclusive, you can be both. Feminism is about equality, women having the same opportunity to make the same choices Men can make.


You have the right to chose what you want to be, and whatever you chose real friends will support you.  If they don’t support you, then they aren’t real friends.



the-modern-female: i know Men love getting th…


i know Men love getting their cock sucked. They just love it and it really makes them like you much more. It is kind of like a shortcut through human relations. Instead of getting to know each other and starting to understand and like one another, giving blowjob just bypasses this and makes him like you regardless of how much you talk.

But i am not sure if Men really know how much we like sucking cock. It is always portrayed as the girl doing a favor for the Sir. When in reality i am not so sure about who likes it more… Yes, girls usually don’t cum from sucking cock, but not every great feeling in the world has to be an orgasm. And when i look at that image, that cute girl waging her tails like a happy doggy, i sometimes really feel we like sucking cock more than the Men do…



Just saying..

There are plenty of fucktoys on tumblr that used to be feminists.  They made the switch and now they are much happier.


You never see that happening the other way around though do you.  That probably tells you a lot right there.

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miley’s myspace pics!

Now she posts pictures of herself pissing in public, and of her simulating people pissing in her mouth.

Give it another 5 years or so and her instagram will be her sucking off horses.


Hello Sir, I'm being denied right now and…

Hello Sir, I'm being denied right now and am edging everyday to keep my cunt wet and horny. But I don't know how many times I should edge, do you have advice, Sir? Thank You.

Everyone is different, so there’s isn’t really a set number of edges.  Some can edge 5,6,7 times, some can’t edge more than three without being so distracted they are unable to concentrate sufficiently at school or work

I would recommend a minimum of three though, one when you wake up in the morning, one in the middle of the day, and another last thing at night.  If that keeps you wet and thinking about cock all day, then that’s all you need.

The key is not to focus on the number of edges, as that isn’t really the important factor.  The purpose of edging is, as you say, to keep you wet and horny all day, so if you can do that with three, then that’s fine.

If you can do more edges, that’s that as it opens up the possibility for variety.  If you can do at least one edge a day outside of the home (at school, at work, in bar or alleyway) that will help you get used to the idea of being available for use anywhere anytime your Man/Men want.  

So forget how many you are doing, or think you need to do. 

One thing to bear in mind though is that as a good fucktoy never has a barrier between it’s fuckholes and men, you won’t be wearing pants or undies, so you are constantly going to be paranoid about hiding the growing wet patch between you thighs.  On the plus side however, Men will be able to smell it on you, and that’s better than any designer perfume ever invented.



Fat cunts can be useful, too.

Perfect example of using Barbie feet to make y…

Perfect example of using Barbie feet to make your legs appear longer