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aliconsents:My boyfriend and his friends ran a…


My boyfriend and his friends ran a ‘breeding train’ on me while I was passed out a few weeks ago, and well, it worked lol

I don’t know which one did it but I love being used by all of them even more now that i’m carrying one of their children!

training-your-property: hornykittygirl: serve…








Group therapy

One of my favorite vids. Wish I could do this!

Every second of this is rough and dirty. She’s used like a living sex doll💀💀

Lucky cunt. I’d kill to have this happen to me

Nice gang action.

You want to be her, isn’t it?

An ideal day!

I love that no concern is taken for her clothes or her holes.  She is a true party favor being used for the entertainment of the crowd.

swaggtown862: This is a real story.ladies make…


This is a real story.ladies make sure you drink and wear as much cum as possible.I will post the video after 200 reblogs

Wasn't there an app with a very misogynis…

Wasn't there an app with a very misogynistic idea kind of game? I think ot played in the Aladdin universe or something, do you know what I mean? I can't find it

Thanks to awesomeclearbouquettale for the answer “Princess Trainer”



My favourite blogs…

@fucktoy-school – this blog is my favourite of all. It has helped me through a lot like learning my role in the world of being a good fuck toy. But it has also helped me learn a lot about plugs what sort to use and how long for etc. Anal play itself I found hard to do but this blog helped me with all its advice. You know your my fave 💓

@misogynist-strong – misogyny is a big part of my fuck doll ways. This blog has always been there to make sure I remember my place when scrolling through my tumblr. Some of my favourite dehumanising posts are from this page and they still make me wet till this day.

@tasksforsubsandslaves – has been with me on this blog since day one. Over the years of using tumblr he has helped me feel safe and has gave me advise. But his blog is amazing and his Snapchat is even better 😉. I have submitted to his page multiple times on his body writing and clamps tasks his blog is so much fun.

@i-fuck-like-abeast – this guys blog makes me cum all the time god. I love his posts and his words underneath. He picks out the best stuff and most of them suit me so well. Like a matching pair of socks ahaha.

@dom-df – this man is amazing. His posts about cages and dehumanisation always helps me through my day. When going onto his blog it’s like a dip of my darkest fantasy and worst nightmare 😈 If you like bondage you will love this blog.

But give them a follow you will enjoy!!!

To be continued…








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