the-modern-female: Men and girls are not the s…


Men and girls are not the same!

There are a million differences between us. Not only do we look pretty different, our bodies work differently too. Estrogen vs testosterone, hormone cycle to even how our brain works. There are so many biological differences between Men and girls that i don’t even need to mention all the psychological ones. Men and girls are different. But that is nothing bad. It is something good. Variety and diversity is a good thing.

But we gotta let go of this stigma to judge girls by male standards. Girls will never be Men, no matter how hard we try. So let’s each stick to our rightful place. Let’s stick to the lakes and rivers we are used to. Because we feel happiest when we are in our comfort zone, when we can be just ourself.

So please everyone, don’t try to be what you are not. Stay in your rightful place and you will find happiness there!