Becoming a Fucktoy:  Turning your fantasy into…


In this lesson we will address your outward physical appearance. This will be key in not only attracting male attention, but also sending out the signal to men that you are a fucktoy who wishes to serve and please cock.  Generally we as men are not great with subtle.   We need very clear and very strong signals.  However, as with lesson one the key is to do this slowly, and in stages, and at YOUR own pace, not someone else’s.

If you were suddenly to turn up to work/friend’s house, in heels and a mini skirt and porn star make-up, when before you practically lived in trousers and ballet flats, then that would create problems with love with your colleague, friends and family.  

Drastic and quick changes will raise eyebrows and questions.  Things need change, but slowly, and subtlety.  That way by the time people realise these changes have taken place, they will have become so used to it as to accept it as normal.  


Whatever shoes you are wearing now, whether the be ballet flats, or 3”1 court shoes, Increase the heel by an inch.  This is a small, but subtle change that will not attract attention.  Do this for as long as you feel comfortable.  There is no time frame other than your own feelings.  Once you are ready, increase the heel by another inch.  Slowly, over the following months, you will find yourself at the Fucktoy Finishing School recommended heel guide of 4” heels for work/everyday, 5“ heels for social events, 6” for the bedroom*.  Even though from start to finish this is a dramatic change, as it has taken place over many months it is not so dramatic as to cause alarm. 

*Remember though the School’s guide is just that, a guide, it’s not a law.  Adjust this upwards or downwards to suit yourself.  Everyone is different.  However, bear in mind the higher the heel the smaller your steps will be, making you appear more feminine, more submissive, and therefore the more attractive to the sort of men you crave to take control of you.,


If you normally wear trousers then start with long skirts.  Long skirts will not attract the wrong sort of attention from people who already know you.  And if anyone asks you can simply say it is warmer to wear a skirts and tights in the winter than just trousers, and by the time the summer comes around you can simply say you have gotten used to them and now and just prefer them.  Again, slowly and over time as you become comfort decrease the length of the skirt.  Done slowly over time (many months) this will not cause problem with people who already know you.  Your goal is not to work your way up to a micro skirt, as they is not necessary, it doesn’t; have to be a slutty miniskirt halfway up your things to get the desired effect.  A skirt only couple of inches about the knees, coupled with your new heels, will be enough with your speech/posture, and flirting, to let men know what you are.


I know nothing about make-up, so I am not going to tell you what to do with eye liner, mascara, lipstick or anything else.  But again here the key is subtlety. Slowly and gradual changes will not cause problems. Going from wearing all but the barest of makeup, to suddenly wearing bright red/pink lipstick and lip gloss is.  But again, if you start with small changes and question are asked, you can just say you start trying it out, and enjoyed it and have decided to keep with it.


It is NOT necessary to walk around like this in order for men to know you are a fucktoy.


Instead this:-


coupled with your new attitude, speech, and posture* when in the presence of men will be enough to convey the message you want to get across.
*Attitude speech/posture are covered elsewhere in the blog, and will probably be covered again in the future, but if you want more information feel free to email me. 

Things to bear in mind:-
The goal is not to wear the highest heels, the shortest skirts, the tightest tops, and the most makeup.  Extremes are not necessary as the overall accumulative effect that will make your new look will make the “whole greater than the sum of its parts”

You final look will attract more male attention.  The downside to this is that it will also mean other women will become jealous, and bitter towards you.  You have find you lose female friends, and perhaps your new lifestyle may even cause you to lose the friendship of family members.  You will of course make new friends as a fucktoy, and your new life will bring you lots of fun.  

There are no hard and fast rules as to the time scale of your changes,  you are doing this for YOU, not for anybody else.  So procedure at your own pace, and and when YOU feel comfortable, no one else.