Do you have a bucket list

Do you have a bucket list

To buy an old Stately Home with large lands in the heart of the English Countryside and open up the School for real.  Like a cross between the Playboy Mansions and
St Trinian’s.  

So men all lover the world could send
their (willing) wives girlfriends and partners
to learn specific skills, or just to introduce them to the basic of the lifestyle
for further training when they get home.

The basement would be a dungeon for training
painsluts and also for the punishment of disobedient pupils

In the grounds would be a private medical
facility providing cosmetic surgery (Think Pimp my Ride, but for older wives
who need work).

At the rear would be kennels and a stable housing animals used for speciality

A tattoo/piercings studio

We would offer everything form short term courses
covering only a few days, such as urinal training, to longer courses such as preparing
toys for pain free anal, which takes several weeks, and any and everything in-between
that a toy owner could wish for his toy to learn.