the-modern-female: Shoes are supposed to be hi…


Shoes are supposed to be high and sexy

Convenience and girl clothes just don’t mix. When you go shoe shopping always go for height and sexiness over comfort. Being cute and impressing Men is just so much more important.

So train with your Heels at home until you are confident enough you can wear them out all day. Because kicking your Heels off is just no good. Never be seen heel-less! i can’t stress this enough. High Heels do so much more than just look good, they change our posture, the way we walk, the way we carry ourselves. There are miles of distance between a flat shoed girl and one in high heels.

Remember, when you are not in high heels, you can’t be at your best. Train early and train often, so you can wear the highest and sexiest heels, no matter how uncomfortable they are.