You don’t need them anyway.  Your body is the …

You have a lot of time to prepare before you find your Sir, so put them to good use. 

Daily training of your throat and arse essential.  Could your Sir do it once He takes ownership?  He could, but deep throat and anal are basic fucktoy requirements.  Each Sir has his own individual requirements for other things, and so His time is better spend training you in his bespoke requirements. He shouldn’t have to take time to train you in the basics.

You can get the basics down yourself whilst you are still searching for your Forever Owner.  This will save you both time once yo find each other.

Have you trained today?  10 minutes, that’s all it takes, 10 minutes a day and within a couple of months your arse will be ready to take brutal pounding with ease.

Fuck your your brains away today

You don’t need them anyway.  Your body is the only thing of value, and it does not belong to you