Ok I’ve been patient but your attitude is really lame. Your so-called mentor as well actually. What’s the point giving out your phone number if you don’t take calls? Or when you do it’s just for like 2 mns of conversation and then it’s like IMPOSSIBLE to have you back on the phone for hours even when you’re supposed to be available. And you never check your msgs on kik. Calling you was funny and exciting at first but your shitty attitude really killed all the fun of it.

Mentor here –

It appears as though you believe you are entitled to something. That is laughable. If you don’t enjoy this process, stop partaking.

I keep her busy. She cleans houses, she cleans offices, she cleans cock. She serves men in real life, not just online. Kik is play time for her, and she is ONLY allowed on kik if time permits. It does not always. Tough shit. She doesn’t belong to any of you. She is on Tumblr more often than kik, message her here and see if she has time for kik if you’re that angry about her time constraints. Quite frankly, I don’t give a shit. She cooks for me, walks my dogs, has deadlines for chores. I will not explain this again. I will start blocking.

As for the calls, she does take them in public. Sometimes calls drop inside buildings, sometimes she takes the next call that comes in after that. It might not be the person that she was just on the phone with. We have 78 missed calls, 429 incoming calls. I think that’s a pretty decent ratio. I have instructed her to not stay on the phone with one person for excessive periods of time.

Perhaps if you’d like to schedule an actual phone session with her the proper way of handling things would have been to contact me on kik instead of hiding behind the anon feature.

My kik is ‘Mentor_Alex’ if anyone would like to discuss this further. Any more complaints, and I’ll just take the phone away again. I don’t owe any of you anything, and I don’t really care that the whore gets wet when people call her. You’re starting to piss me off.