masterpassion1900: It all started innocently enough. He had…


It all started innocently enough. He had drop his key card in the hotel lobby right in front of her.

Natalie, being ever helpful to strangers had picked it up for him. The man responded by looking her in the eyes, smiling and saying “Good girl” as he took the card from her. Natalie was taken back. She wasn’t sure what he meant but understood there was something inappropriate about it. “Excuse me?” she asked audaciously.

The man never even acknowledged her attitude. “I said you were a good girl.” He stated, looking her in the eyes. Not knowing how to act under his intense stare


lowered her eyes. “It’s obvious from how helpful you are that you’re a good girl. It’s obvious from your body language that you’re a good girl. It’s obvious from your attractive, well toned body, from your red lip stick, from your tight outfit that you’re a good girl.” She didn’t like where this was going but he just kept talking, not giving her a chance to interrupt. And even if he did, something about the way he was looking at her made it difficult to speak coherently, even think.

I know you’re a good girl. And I apologize if that sounds condescending. But it’s just so obvious that you’re a good girl. We both know you’re a good girl. We both know good girls don’t think. We both know good girls just stand there and listen attentively, just like you’re doing right now. Good girls like you just listen to my words until they fill their thoughts and they can’t think. You’re a good girl. You don’t need to think. Nod.” Natalie nodded instinctively in response. She didn’t know why she did it but she barely had time to think about it.

Good girl” the man repeated again. It felt more appropriate this time, almost natural. “I’m glad you’re starting you understand. You’re a good girl. Good girls don’t think. Just let your mind go blank and listen. Good girls obey. It just feels so good to obey. It just feels so good to stop thinking and obey. You don’t want to think. You want to obey. You want to be a good girl. You want to say it, say it, say good girls obey.” This was Natalie’s chance to speak up, to walk away. But her brain was muddled and hazy. She was barely sure of which thoughts were hers, let alone how to react to this bizarre situation. “Good… girls… obey…” she replied. 

Good girl. It feels good to obey, doesn’t it. Nod.” Again she nodded. This time she didn’t even question it. “You’re just naturally an obedient girl. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s good to be obedient like you. You just need to obey. You need to obey my every command. Now lead the way to the elevator. Obey.Again, Natalie complied. She had plenty of time to think as he escorted her back to his room. But her mind was hazy. And it just felt better to think “I’m a good girl. Good girls obey.” as he reminded her to do periodically.

Once they were back in his room Natalie knew where this was going. Still she couldn’t bring herself to object. She wasn’t entirely sure this wasn’t exactly what she should be doing. Shouldn’t she be in an hotel room fucking her new Master? Isn’t that what good girls did? Good girls don’t think. Good girls obey. Good girls fuck. Good girls get undressed. And when you get undressed you’ll feel your arousal growing. Because good girls like you are wet and need to be filled. Get undressed. Obey.” As she undressed, she felt her arousal growing as he had claimed. She wasn’t sure if it was the way he was looking at her or the way his words and suggestions were swirling around and around in her head. With each piece of clothing, her arousal intensified, her perky breasts swelled, her nipples hardened, her pussy began to feel empty. And her clit engorged with lust. When she was undressed and he asked “Getting wetter?” Natalie nearly lost control. She needed to be fucked so badly. She needed his cock inside her desperately. Her smooth cunt started to drip and she just barely manage to respond “yeesss…”

The man removed his clothes. His cock was already hard from watching his sexy new fuck toy undress for him. Natalie couldn’t take her eyes off of it as he sat on the sofa. She didn’t know why. She just knew she needed it. “Good girls don’t think. Good girls fuck. Come here, lower that tight wet pussy onto my hard cock”. Natalie’s breathing began to quicken. Deep down she knew she should get dressed and leave. She knew she didn’t know this man. She knew they should be using birth control. But she also knew she needed to be a good girl and obey. “Obey”, he stated. This time she didn’t hesitate, she just did what she had been doing since she met the man, she obeyed.

Good girls don’t think. Good girls fuck. Nod.” Again Natalie nodded, all her concerns fading into the background and she became more and more focused on the intense pleasure she was getting from being a good girl. All her thoughts and concerned had just drifted away. All she could think about was how good this felt, how good it felt to have this hard cock inside her.

“Good girls don’t think. Good girls fuck. Nod.”

He just kept repeating it as his hard cock slid in and out of her tight, wet pussy. With every repetition Natalie nodded and felt the pleasure building inside her, pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

Good girls don’t think. Good girls obey. Good girls suck. Good girls fuck. Good girls cum. Be a good girl.” Her body responded immediately to his command. Natalie could feel her pussy convulsing around his throbbing cock. She could feel it pumping her fertile young cunt full of his warm cum. Her body just shook with pleasure in response. Wave after wave of pleasure just traveled through every part of her body until she collapsed onto the sofa, mindless.

Good girl.