mindbrokensluts: It was weird. These “cutie dolls” kept showing…


It was weird. These “cutie dolls” kept showing up in news and conversation. Olivia found the whole idea purely creepy. Women who relinquished their usual lives and became full time dolls. Their new purpose to serve as eye candy for men, more than that. There was no doubt they were treated as sex toys. She did her best to just ignore it and try to avoid thinking about it.

She had more important things to think about, like what she would do now that she finished her time at college. She had already applied for several great job opportunities and…well been rejected at every turn. Finding employment could be tricky.

She turned to friends and family for help, even to the ex boyfriend she still kept in touch with. Of course his suggestion had been utterly outrageous. “I hear they’re always looking for more cutie dolls.” She wouldn’t entertain that idea.

She was caught entirely by surprise when her doorbell rang and she answered to find a tall stranger with dark hair standing at her door.

“I’m here to evaluate you for your new job.”

Evaluate? What? Who was this man? Was he with one of the companies she applied to? They didn’t arrange any kind of interview though. It seemed unorthodox to send someone to her home. Had she forgotten something as important as this? Olivia was unsure but before she could respond the man paced forward with confidence and she slipped out of the way to let him in.

“Uh, pardon me but what kind of evaluation are we talking about? I mean I don’t remember scheduling anything…” she questioned, uncertain of the situation.

“No you were recommended. Your ex boyfriend I believe. I’m here to find potential dolls.” He responded matter-of-factly.

Oh for fucks sake! This guy was some creepy cutie doll recruiter. Her idiot ex was actually serious when he suggested she become one of those freaky dehumanised sex objects. What an arsehole!

“Uh I’m sorry I have no interest in being a cutie doll so…” she began but he interjected.

“Oh but you’ll make a perfect addition to our selection. You were meant to be a cutie doll. It’s undeniable.”

She was starting to get annoyed. She wasn’t a fucking doll and she had no desire to join his ‘selection’ of perverted fucking dolls!

“Look, I- uhhhhh!” She blurted out as her eyes crossed and her brain was flooded with a strange feeling.

The jab of the needle in her neck was completely blotted out by the instantaneous effect of the mind numbing serum. It was surreal, Olivia had never felt this. Her mind felt like it had been…massaged…or…mushed…it was pleasant and it she shivered slightly as she realised what it was doing to her. It made her mind hum and tingle pleasantly but also scrambled her thoughts into a total mess.

Something clicked around her neck but she barely noticed as she was struggling to adjust to her mind in its jumbled and delightful new state. There was a hint of worry that her brain was being damaged or even utterly melted into a gloopy mess but it couldn’t form into a proper thought so it simply disappeared as she let the sensation of pleasant massaging of her brain mush take over and relaxed her body entirely, dropping to her knees.

Olivia wasn’t aware anymore but another man had snuck in after the first and injected her by surprise. Both leaped into action in preparing her. The serum would efficiently destroy her mental faculties, leaving her docile and obedient. Yet there was still a lot of work to be done.

Cutie dolls had to look right. The hair, the makeup, the clothes…everything had to be made pretty and sexy and seductive enough to entice their customers. Olivia could only mumble incoherent nonsense and moan in clear pleasure as her mind turned into jelly in what sounded like a very pleasurable process. She didn’t seem to notice him gently carving “cutie” into her chest above her tits. The only reaction he could get was when he twisted her cute, puffy nipples roughly and elicited a wide eyed gasp followed by a sensual moan and spasm.

What Olivia experienced was a sudden and incredible burst of excitement and stimulation emanate from her chest that sent shock waves through her jelly brain that made it wobble in such a wonderful way.

In no time they had made her up to look like a beautiful and arousing doll. She knelt there mindlessly staring forward, letting her tongue hang out and drooling pathetically as her head gently twitched every so often and her eyes rolled around without focus or any sign of intelligence.

They took Cutie doll Olivia away to her new life as a horny, dumb fucktoy for whoever wished to use her. She smiled like a silly doll, enjoying the continued pulses of pleasure coming from her scrambled mind as she was carried away, totally unaware of her old life. Only useful as a dripping set of holes for men to spread open and fuck.