Although I have no master or owner I was wondering what I could do by myself when I’m at home to train and get better at a legion of things for when I do get a dom so I can please them properly are their any daily rituals I should do?

How encouraging to see a fucktoy want to train herself so
that she is ready for when she eventually gets a Master/Owner.

The first and most important thing is to edge regularly several times every day.  As you will know if you are familiar with my
blog, this will keep you constantly wet, horny and thinking of cock.  This is important as being constantly wet “you will
become accustomed to the idea that you are available at anytime to be mounted
without warning.

The other thing is to ensure that at least one of your
daily edges happens outside of the home, school, work, restaurant toilet, an
alleyway, the cinema, it doesn’t really matter where, the point is that you
also get used to the mind-set that you can be mounted anywhere, as well as at

Secondly it is important to train all of your holes to be
able to take cock “balls deep”.  Don’t
worry too much about  being able to take
brutal fucking in your ass and mouth as that will come (and we have to leave a
few things for your owner/ Master to enjoy training you to do, don’t we?)

You will need a flexible dildo (it
is important that it is flexible and not solid/rigid). Practice everyday sucking it and going just a
little but deeper than you did the day before.
There are various tips (e.g. panting like a dog) that will help you take
it deeper, but I haven’t yet found one method that works for everyone, so
google how to deepthroat, and look at the various methods other fucktoys have used,
try them out and find the one that works for you.

Remember that there is no rush, no time limit, it will
take as long as it takes.  If it takes
six weeks or six months, it does not matter, as long as you can eventually take
cock all the way down your throat, that is all that matters, don’t rush don’t
panic, go at your own pace.

As well as a flexible dildo the other thing you will need
is a princess plug. It is important for your arse to always feel full, so that when it isn’t it craves cock, and also of course it is important that preparing your arse
to be able to take cock is done safely (without injury/damage).  You
can read more about it in detail here:-

The other thing you can do is to degrade yourself so that
you become accustomed to it.  That is not straight forward though as it depends on how much time you have and what
other limitations are imposed by your living/school/work arrangements and other
things which affect how much privacy and time you have

If you (or indeed anyone else) wants to discuss that side
of things further, feel free to e-mail me at and we can
discuss in more detail what extra things we can explore whilst staying within whatever
limits you have to work around.  Before
you do e-mail me though, please go to a free online mail service such as g-mail
and create a brand new account that doesn’t use your real name (you would be amazed how many peopel e-mail me from their personal account).

I hope this help but if it’s not quite what you are looking,
you can e-mail me and we can look at other things.
Take care, have fun, and always remember:-