Throat training

Happy Friday! My throat training is coming along beautifully. Some of you have asked what my training process entails so I thought I’d write a post about it.

I have multiple gags that I wear for prolonged periods of time (over an hour sometimes). They range from the standard ball gag to ones with fat stubby dildos of various lengths. None of them actually goes down my throat, but they get close enough to trigger my gag reflex if I’m not concentrating. It’s all mostly just to get me used to having something that deep in my mouth.

I started the training with the ball gag, then I progressively worked up to longer and longer dildo gags. The longest one almost goes down my throat, but not quite.

Along with the gags, I use a throat numbing spray to help my throat relax. The spray lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes and, as I progress though my training, I keep the gags on longer and longer after the spray’s effect slowly wears off.

Daddy also made me a throat training “station” in the corner of my living room. It’s basically a wall mounted dildo with several anchor points mounted to the wall in its vicinity. Daddy will tie my hands behind my back and have me kneel on the ground and deep throat the dildo. When it’s in my throat, he’ll secure a chain between my collar and one of the anchor points on the wall, giving me just enough slack where I have to pull away really hard against the collar chain just to have the dildo barely slide out of my throat so I can take a breath. Sometimes, instead of my collar, he’ll secure chains to the wall that leads to clamps attached to my nipples, the ones that get tighter the harder you pull. All this is to create discomfort (or pain) when the dildo is not in my throat. In order to take a breath, I’ll have to pull pretty hard on the nipple clamps. I use the throat numbing spray with this in the same manner as the gags.

I’m able to continue deep throating longer and longer now even after the spray completely wears off. But I seem to have the most trouble in the beginning of each session. On that front, I’ve been training to wait longer and longer after spraying my throat to start the training sessions. Meaning I’ll spray my throat and then wait 5 minutes then start, and slowly increase that time. I’m still not a pro at it but I think I’ve gotten to the point where it’s easy for me to start deep throating when the spray is about half strength.

To clarify, I can deep throat without any spray, but it’s not pretty when I do it. Most of the time it’s a lot of gagging and spit, things get kinda messy. But sometimes Daddy likes the way I gag around his cock and the mess I make, so he’ll use my throat without any preparation like the owned fuck toy that I am. I love it.

I’ve been wearing the dildo gag since getting up this morning, starting to drool a bit and trying really hard not to get it on the computer lol.