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New Phone. New Rules


Mentor here. This has been the most asked question, and I apologize for the wait. We have a new phone, a safe and secure phone, and one last phone number change. 


1. Be mean. Humiliate her, degrade her, call her awful names. Ask her to do humiliating things. 

2. Understand that she is still my cunt, and sometimes she is not always available. If you can’t get through, by all means try again. Please do not call 100 times in a row. Sometimes she is doing a task or chore for me.

3. Blocked numbers are fine. She does not need to know who is calling her. She gets off on the mystery of serving a random voice.

4. Please share this number. Write it in bathrooms. Send it to friends and family. Scratch it onto trees and picnic tables for all I care. Again, she gets off on the mystery. Let this phone number spread.

5. You can leave degrading voicemails. She will listen to them. You can also leave degrading text messages – those she will not answer. All text based communication will be continuing in kik. If you want to send her texts to remind her of her low place in life while she’s out getting my dry cleaning, I won’t stop you.

Please do not abuse this feature again. The cunt loves to humiliate herself for you all, and it seems to be a feature you all ask for. Please remember and respect that I am training her to be the best fuck toy she can be, and I do not appreciate her being encouraged to break my rules, nor do I appreciate her being bombarded by rude messages when she gets too busy or too many phone calls to answer yours. This isn’t a hotline, it’s one stupid bitch with a cell phone. Have fun.

Phone number: (678) 276-7328

When is this worthless excuse of a fuck pig go…

When is this worthless excuse of a fuck pig going to be on the phone? Tonight after she gets her fill of fun?

My phone is on now 🤗🤗




Don’t waste money on expensive waterproof mascara that stays in place.

Men don’t want you to looking pretty when they’ve finished gangbanging your throat.

They want to see you face fucked into a pathetic ruined whore



One of the rules Master has for me is designed to constantly remind me of my place.

I am never allowed to interrupt a Man when He is speaking.  This is obvious at home with him and his friends but it also extends beyond Master’s home.  In a shop, in the street, and at work (for the period that I will be permitted allowed to maintain a regular job) it does not matter what a Man is saying, i have to wait until He finishes speaking before I can speak.

i have noticed at work that this has made men more friendly, helpful, condescending and patronising towards me. 

If only they knew it was making pussy wet as well 🙂

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Good fuck toys stay wet and ready

submissive-scorpio22: An Owned Sluts Dedicatio…


An Owned Sluts Dedication to her Master

This slut will put Masters pleasure above all else
This slut will do whatever she can to make Master happy
This slut will look as good as she can at all times so she is visually pleasing to Master
This slut will never talk back to Master
This slut lives for Masters cum
This slut will take cum wherever Master chooses
This slut will continuously think about how she can make Masters life better
This slut will edge often (with permission) so she is always an eager fucktoy
This slut will take cock when and where Master chooses
This slut will say thank you, for everything

Owned by @master-of-dirty-scorpio22

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Heels. Always. On.

Always wear your Heels. Even if you are home alone and just grabbing something to eat: always dress nicely and wear your Heels. And if you are naked: keep the Heels on.

There are exactly 2 situations where it is Ok to not wear Heels: while you are showering and while you are in the gym. Every other time: wear Heels. Yes, that includes while sleeping.

It is a girl`s duty to look her best, and if you are not wearing Heels, you are not looking your best. Remember this rule: if it can`t be done in Heels, it probably shouldn`t be done by girls.

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